About School of Physics and Electronics

School of Physics and Electronics was set up in 2002 by the combination of physics and electronics disciplines of Hunan Medical University, Changsha Railway College and Central South University (CSU). It was originally called the School of Physics and Technology, and was renamed as the School of Physics and Electronics in 2011. The School consists of Department of Applied Physics, Department of Electronic Information, Department of Photoelectric Information, Institute of Super-microstructure and Ultrafast Process, University Physics Center and Comprehensive Office. The School is located in the Physics Building in the new campus of CSU.

We adhere to the strategy of strengthening our school with talented people and have a strong teaching staff. There are 140 faculty members, including 110 full-time teachers (46 Professors, 44 Associate Professors and 20 Lecturers). Among the teachers, there are one specially appointed professor at the national level, six national young talents, three outstanding talents of the Ministry of Education in the new century from, and more than 20 winners of the FuRong Scholar Special Professor, Hunan Hundred Persons Program and Hunan Excellent Youth Fund. There are two highly cited scientists in Clarivate, two highly cited scholars in Elsevier, and nine scholars in the list of Top 100000 Scientists in the World in the Global Scholar Library in 2021. We have a province-level teaching group of basic physics.

We adhere to intensive development and constantly strengthen discipline construction. It has Doctoral degree authorization in the first-level discipline of Physics, post-doctoral research mobile station in physics, doctoral degree authorization in the second-level discipline of Electronic Materials and Devices, Optoelectronic Science and Technology; It has Master degree authorization in the first-level discipline of Physics and Electronic Science and Technology, as well as Master degree authorization in Electronic Information. It jointly builds an interdisciplinary Doctoral degree authorization of New Energy and Energy Storage Engineering with the School of Metallurgy and Environment and other Schools. In 2018, both Physics and Electronic Science and Technology became double first-class cultivation disciplines in Hunan Province. In July 2020, physics discipline entered the top 1% of global ESI and became one of the 17th ESI top 1% disciplines in CSU. In 2021, the Doctoral degree authorization of Physics and Master degree authorization of Electronic Science and Technology passed the international evaluation, and both evaluation results were excellent.

We innovate of talent training mode and continuously improve the training quality. Based on the principle of cultivating people by virtue, centering on students, and taking "value shaping, knowledge imparting, ability training and wisdom enlightenment" as the concept of talent cultivation, so as to strengthen the ideological and political construction of curriculum and the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship ability. The school has three undergraduate majors: Applied Physics (Science), Electronic Information Science and Technology (Science), Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering (Engineering). In 2019, the Electronic Information Science and Technology became the first-class construction specialty in China. In 2020, the Applied Physics became the first-class construction specialty in China, and the Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering became the first-class construction specialty in Hunan Province. There are 1245 full-time students, including 920 undergraduates and 325 postgraduates. We actively carry out the exploration of training top-notch talents. From 2012, the physical science class has been set up, and from 2019, the experimental classes for training top-notch talents in applied physics has been set up. In 2020, the physics strong foundation class began to recruit students. In 2019, Applied Physics became the training base for top physics students in Hunan Province. In 2021, Physics was approved as the national top student training 2.0 base of basic disciplines. Graduates exhibit high quality, and the employment situations are excellent. The employment rate was more than 96% in the past three years, and we were awarded the Excellent Employment School in CSU.

We vigorously strengthen the construction of platforms and constantly improve the conditions of running schools. It has three national teaching platforms: National Engineering Physics Teaching Base, National Physics Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and National Virtual Simulation Teaching Center. It has three national top-quality courses (National Network Resources Sharing Course) of College Physics, Physics Experiment and Solid Physics, and National Bilingual Demonstration Course of College Physics. "Virtual simulation experiment of magnetic properties test and microstructure characterization of magnetic materials under low temperature and strong field" was selected as the national virtual simulation project. "College Physics B" and "Signals and Systems" were approved as the first batch of national offline first-class courses. It has two key laboratories in Hunan Province, including Super Microstructure and Ultrafast Process, Nano Photonics and Devices, as well as two Hunan engineering technology research centers, including Data Sensing and Exchange Equipment, New Chip Inductors and Advanced Manufacturing Equipment. There are several joint laboratories established with companies, including Texas Instruments, Salings Corporation, Tektronix Technology Co., Ltd., National and Local Joint Navigation Instrument Engineering Research Center, Hunan Hengmao Hi-Tech Co., Ltd, and so on. The teaching and scientific research laboratory is over 12,000 square meters, and all kinds of advanced instruments and equipment are worth nearly 100 million RMB.

The power of scientific research is constantly increasing, and high-level academic achievements are constantly emerging. Each year, nearly 450 high quality papers are published. The average annual research funds are nearly 20 million RMB, and more than 30 patents are granted annually. High level papers have become a new bright spot. In 2021, 1 Nature paper, 1 Science paper, 3 PRL papers, and 53 NI index journal papers were published.

The degree of internationalization of School is being continuously improved, and the exchanges and cooperation with universities outside Chinese Mainland are expanding. We have developed long-term and stable cooperative relations with more than 20 well-known universities outside Chinese Mainland, including Harvard University, MIT, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of Rochester, National University of Singapore, University of Toronto, Australian National University, Tokyo University of Technology, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Bairoit University of Germany, University of Valencia of Spain, Danish University of Technology, Sungkyunkwan University, Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and so on. With a number of universities at home and abroad, we established the exchanges, cooperation and personnel training program. There are more than 100 scholars visiting each other every year.

Developing counterpart assistance to Xinjiang and obtaining excellent achievements in social services. Beginning in 2010, the School has supported the College of Physical Science and Technology of Xinjiang University by dispatching Vice Deans, academic leaders and lecturers to support the College of Physical Science and Technology of Xinjiang University in disciplines construction, scientific research, personnel training and social services.

The School carries forward the motto of "rationalizing things and practicing innovation". Taking the road of strengthening school with talents, teaching, scientific research, combining science with engineering, and developing with characteristics, we will strive to build the School of Physics and Electronics of CSU into a first-class and internationally influential discipline and talent training base in China.